Benefits of Our Ayurvedic Body Oil

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    Flex your

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    Usher in warmth
    to your body

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    Smoothen the
    rough skin

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    dead skin

How to use?

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    Take sufficient quantity of Amavedic Yoga Oil in your hands.

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    Massage – starting from the neck and moving down to the shoulders, arms, torso, abdomen, legs, and feet

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    Continue massage for 5–10 mins.

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Just a palm full of Amavedic Yoga Oil:

Answer to all your muscle issues and skin conditions: 

  • Loosen the stiff muscles
  • Soften the skin
  • Brighten the skin
  • Eliminate fatigue of muscles
  • Reduce cramps
  • Remove dead skin cells

With constant use you can:

  • Enjoy your yoga sessions without any pain
  • Feel refreshed before and after the
  • Experience spa-like fragrance
  • Get energy for every new day
  • Make your body flexible
  • Remove dead skin cells
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    Til oil (Sesamum
    indicum seed oil) 

    It is considered the queen of oils by Ayurveda. It is loaded with immense benefits and is greatly used as a base oil in many medicinal preparations. 

    The antioxidant sesamol is extremely useful to prevent cell damage and nourish the body. Sesame oil is widely used as a massage oil.

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    Mulethi oil
    (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

    Balya, in Ayurveda, means enhancing bala or strength. Mulethi oil helps in balya by improving muscle strength

    Mulethi improves skin texture with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can even reduce dark spots and tighten the skin

  • Grapes Juice

    Grapeseed oil (Vitis
    vinifera seed oil)

    It is immensely useful for rejuvenating tired muscles.

    Improves blood circulation

    An excellent choice for massage due to its non-greasy texture.

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    Rosemary oil
    (Rosmarinus officinalis)

    It is anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving.

    Reduces spasms in the muscles.

    Reduces muscle tension.

    Relieves fatigue.

    Reduces stress.

    It is very light and non-greasy.

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Why practice yoga?

  • Gives you better posture
  • Lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart problems
  • Improves the range of motion
  • Helps you manage your emotions
  • Boosts immunity
  • Relieves depression
  • Helps in better digestion
  • Supplies more oxygen to the brain
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces lactic acid in the muscles to minimize joint pain
  • Calms the mind
  • Increases bone density
  • Retains muscle mass
  • Manages weight to correct obesity
  • Helps with overall health and fitness
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Get amazed by the benefits of yoga in your everyday life.

  • Each and every part of the body is benefitted through yoga. Ayurveda and yoga have a beautiful connection. 
  • We need both of them for a holistic approach to medicine and healing. They are complementary practices that help to improve vitality. An integration of both these can give you a rich experience in healing.
  • Yoga harmonizes the mind and body through asanas, while Ayurveda deals with the same through diet and lifestyle modifications.
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  • Isolation Mode

    Incorrect posture

    A wrong posture can cause negative effects in your body. It can strain your muscles and cause great pain. Some may even break their joints with incorrect postures.

  • Isolation Mode

    Not stopping when you should

    Are you trying to lose weight in a day? Well, that may not be possible, so do not overdo it! Stop when you feel exhausted; otherwise, you will make your muscles exhausted too. 

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    Pain in various body parts

    A wrong posture can cause negative effects in your body. It can strain your muscles and cause great pain. Some may even break their joints with incorrect postures.

Yoga Posture

Things to consider before a yoga session:

  • Never start yoga without a warm-up session. It helps to loosen the stiff muscles and joints. 
  • If you have low muscle strength, there is a greater risk of injury. Understand your strength before you indulge.
  • Overdoing a pose may weaken the muscles and joints. So practice within limits.
  • Do you watch online videos to learn yoga? Learning from people who are untrained can cause severe trouble. You should have someone handhold you to train yoga postures.
  • Facing issues like osteoporosis and not doing yoga in moderation can cause trouble.
  • Enhances sleep quality by calming the nerves

    The Abhyanga process nourishes the neuro system of the body and helps in improving sleep quality. It can reduce anxiety and promote deep sleep to refresh the cells. Lack of good sleep is the cause of many body ailments. The oil used is warm, heavy, and calm. 

  • Improves blood circulation

    Our body has to flush out toxins regularly to maintain proper health. Good blood circulation is vital to remove toxins. Ayurvedic massage helps in improving the circulation of blood and eliminating toxins. When toxins are removed, blood takes the essential nutrients to the various parts of the body. This gives energy and vitality to all cells. 

  • Helps in lowering body weight

    Obesity is a common problem. Yoga and meditation, along with a proper Ayurvedic diet, are prescribed as ways to get out of this situation. Massage before a yoga session can intensify the process and burn the excess fat, which helps reduce weight. 

  • Relieves backaches

    People who report chronic back pain are deeply benefitted from Ayurvedic massages. The oil nourishes the joints and bones and relaxes them to lower the pain. People who are new to practising yoga may feel pain in the beginning. The oil massage can help them greatly.

  • Increases the strength

    Ayurvedic massage helps to increase the physical strength of a person, thereby preparing them for exercises and yoga practice.

  • vata - Graphic


    is made up of air and is light, cool, and dry. Those who have vata dosha feel light and have thin bones and dry skin and hair. Vata is present in the lower abdominal region and helps in bodily functions like respiration, working of issues, urination, excretion, sleep, etc. Ayurvedic remedies to balance out vata dosha include diet, detoxification, and, most importantly, yoga and meditation.

  • pitta - Graphic


    is made of fire and water. The hot and sharp qualities of fire are characteristic of people with pitta dosha. Pitta is present in the upper abdominal part of the body and is responsible for proper digestion, maintaining temperature, and balancing emotions. Herbs like Shatavari, aromatherapy, detoxification, and yoga are the means to rectify the dosha

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    is mainly water and earth elements. People with this dosha have low metabolism, heavy bones, soft skin, and bulky frame. Kapha is present in the chest area of the body and is responsible for maintaining skin texture, hydrating cells and tissues, and maintaining body structure. Herbs like guggul, proper diet, and yoga are prescribed for this dosha.


Your yoga instructor counts 1-10, and you can’t hold the pose till even 5. You need an oil massage!

  • With a pre-massage, you warm the muscles, pre-stretch them, prepare them to stretch out, bend, twist, and fold.
  • The oil has focus-inducing powers to let you concentrate on the poses and stretches.
  • You can stretch yourself better without any pain or uneasiness. 
  • The oil helps to lengthen and relax the outer layers of the muscles.
  • It improves your holding capacity. You can now ask your instructor to count from 1-20!
  • You will feel lighter with an oil massage before yoga. 
  • You can see that you are more relaxed and can continue the session longer than before.
  • The calming effects of the oil help in performing the asanas in a relaxed manner. 
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What makes Amavedic Yoga Oil unique?

While the common belief is that oil cannot be used before physical exercise, Amavedic Yoga Body Oil with its unique formulation can be used before yoga sessions.

  • The oil is light and does not stick to the skin. It is gentle and lets your skin breathe.
  • It has a mild fragrance that stimulates your senses for a refreshing session.
  • You just need a small amount of oil, and it can be spread easily all over the body as it is light.
  • You can see reduced pain and stiffness after your yoga session.
  • The oil is non-sticky, so there is no fear of tripping down and injuring yourself.
  • Amavedic Yoga Oil has been prepared with the purest herbs and essential oils, making it suitable for every skin type.
  • The oil is easily absorbed by the skin, so you can find immediate results.
  • The fragrance is natural and mild with no artificial ingredients.
  • Our oil has quality certification from GMP, FDA, and ISO.
  • Our product is 100% natural and pure.
  • We do not test our products on animals.

  • Emma

    I've tried various yoga oils, but Amavedic Yoga Oil stands out. The scent is heavenly, and it truly elevates my practice. I use it daily for both meditation and yoga. It's become an essential part of my self-care routine.

  • Rajesh

    Amavedic Yoga Oil is pure magic! I've struggled with stress during yoga sessions, but this oil's soothing aroma instantly relaxes me. It enhances my focus and deepens my practice. I recommend it to every yogi out there.

  • Sarah

    I've been using Amavedic Yoga Oil for a few weeks, and I'm amazed at how it enhances my flexibility. It's also a fantastic post-yoga massage oil. My muscles feel more relaxed, and I'm less sore after intense sessions.

  • Lisa

    As a yoga teacher, I've introduced Amavedic Yoga Oil to my students, and they love it. It helps them connect with their breath and find a sense of calm during class. It's a game-changer for our yoga studio.

  • Michael

    Amavedic Yoga Oil has become my secret weapon for a restful night's sleep. After evening yoga and meditation, I apply it, and the calming effect is amazing. I've never slept better.